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Bill is constantly carving. His newest works will always appear in this Gallery. 
Check back frequently to see what's next from carver, Bill Hunt.


Here you will find beautiful ducks, geese and swans. Each of Bill's carvings are one-of-a-kind pieces. 
Taking 100 year old cedar fencing, Bill creates his unique birds.
Purchasing a carving by Bill Hunt is to hold a piece of history in your hands.


Bill's unique golf ducks, bottle-openers and more are connected to his love of the game. 
Each piece is lovingly hand-carved and fitted to a classic persimmon wood golf driver. 

Here you will find the perfect gift for either yourself or for the golfers in your life.

Bill has generously donated his various pieces of golf art to charity golf tournaments to help raise money for worthy causes.

07/08/22: The Inaugural Bailey Beaulaurier Memorial Gold Tournament at Juniper Golf Course, raising money for "Young Life."

08/13/22: Jericho Road 2022 Charity Golf Tournament at Eagle Crest Resort to feed hungry students and the homeless.


Individually carved from Juniper branches, Bill's fish are perfectly paired with
80-year-old fishing creels, vintage fishing rods
and nets. 

A treat for fisherman of all ages.


Bill's custom art is an eclectic grouping of wonderful and whimsical wood works.
Amazing Bird House "Condos" to complex carving of Owls in tree stumps and more.

Bill welcomes a challenge. His door is always open to something
new and exciting.  Contact him through this website to inquire
about a Custom Wood Carving. guarantees that
is a safe website.

You can also reach us at:

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